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CT-302S9 Information


High efficiency, low heat generation
Capable of working normally about
180 seconds when 200W motor is blocked
150 seconds when the 250W motor is blocked.

Protection Circuits:
1) Current limiting:
Prevents the motor current from exceeding the specified value avoiding damage to the motor and the controller due to over-current.
2) Battery under-voltage protection:
When battery voltage falls to specified value, the controller cuts off battery output preventing over-discharge , extending battery life ( logic 20.5v but varies drastically ).
3) Power cut-off during braking:
When underway the brake switch signals controller to cut battery output .
4) Over-speed prevention while charging:
When charging ,the controller renders the throttle temporarily inoperable, preventing mistaken manipulation .( This function dose not work in some applications )
5. Epoxy capsulated , for moisture and shock resistance .

MOTOR output
if your motor turns the wrong way reverse this connection


Six Wire Connection
Brake (not stop light , this curcuit also energizes break indicator curcuit below ) ,speed indicator (output) and throttle ( rb&g=throttle )
  Throttle /brake
ignore the door part

CHARGER Input/Output

Break Light

Power indicator
CT 302S9 Controller

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